Building Block Resolutions

Applied Behavioral Analyses (ABA) is based on 7 core dimensions. Any interventions your therapist uses with your child will fall within or be defined by these 7 categories. Therapists use the anagram GET A CAB to remember each part of the therapy.

G is for Generalization: This is moving skills from one situation to another. Sometimes your child with autism may perform certain skills like using the potty in one location but not in another. Generalization is the process of moving this skill from one place to another.

E is for Effective interventions: All interventions are monitored to ensure effectiveness and to see how they impact the behavior you are trying to change. They must be strong changes that affect something for the better.

T is for Technological: Where interventions and procedures are described thoroughly enough that anyone trained can implement them.

A is for Applied: Socially significant behaviors are worked on, more so than others.

C is for Conceptually Systematic: The concept of the interventions is chosen from a specific theoretical base, rather than just a trick.

A is for Analytic: All decisions for an intervention or anything within the therapy must be data related.

B is for Behavioral: Only behavior that can be observed and measured should be targeted.

In ABA when measurable behaviors are targeted based on how well it will help your child cope in society, data is collected and explainable interventions are tried and tested, then your child will go far. ABA is a therapy where you record the changes in your child for the better, or worse leaving nothing to chance. This is why this therapy is so effective and gets results more often than any other intervention.

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ABA Programs and Analysis Areas of Expertise

We specialize in autism analysis and behavior development.

ABA, Behavioral Therapy involves anything that can be seen and heard. Therefore all behaviors have achievable and noticeable goals, which are measured and constantly re-measured throughout time to focus on our progress as well as whether the goals are being reached.

The great and unique thing about ABA therapy is that the plans are individualized to fit your child's needs. Since Autism is a spectrum, that means no two cases are exactly alike. Therefore the best treatment for autism would be customized to fit your child and your family's needs after an assessment is made.

Staff need to be competent by being trained by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst on behavior analytic procedures as well as intervention strategies. Courses are available on various topics and custom fit for your organization or situation for effective ABA autism therapy. Help your staff find out what is autism and how to best treat autism.