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We provide the necessary channels for information, guidance and support for autism treatments in Los Angeles. Our highly accredited and intuitive staff are full of passion and dedication in this particular disorder. ASD, which is the acronym for autism spectrum disorder, is considered to be one of the most growing concerns among parents and want-to-be parents around the world. Since it’s been found in 1 out of every 50 babies, it’s clear that this spreading disorder is growing on a massive level.

Proportionally, that’s 2% of the entire population of new babies; this statistic is staggeringly scary! However, through our proven techniques, strategies and methods of achieved learning, our staff will help guide your baby or loved one in to the next phase of human development… all the quicker! Here are some of the defining characteristics of ASD:

  • Your child will be socially impaired and unable to communicate reasonably or in any fashion whatsoever
  • Interactions with other children or babies their age will be nearly impossible, if not completely impossible
  • Your child can not develop or learn how to develop any social skills or speaking skills at all
  • Restricted patterns of your child’s behavior will be obvious
  • Being repetitive in everything they do will be noticeable
  • Stereotyped patterns of your child’s behavior will remain stagnate and unwavering

Through our expertise and our consultation, you’ll be properly informed on all of the defining attributes and characteristics of autism, far in advance of any of our treatments. This way, we’ll be able to customize a specific treatment plan for your wonderful little angel!

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ABA Programs and Analysis Areas of Expertise

We specialize in autism analysis and behavior development.

ABA, Behavioral Therapy involves anything that can be seen and heard. Therefore all behaviors have achievable and noticeable goals, which are measured and constantly re-measured throughout time to focus on our progress as well as whether the goals are being reached.

The great and unique thing about ABA therapy is that the plans are individualized to fit your child's needs. Since Autism is a spectrum, that means no two cases are exactly alike. Therefore the best treatment for autism would be customized to fit your child and your family's needs after an assessment is made.

Staff need to be competent by being trained by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst on behavior analytic procedures as well as intervention strategies. Courses are available on various topics and custom fit for your organization or situation for effective ABA autism therapy. Help your staff find out what is autism and how to best treat autism.