Building Block Resolutions

At Building Block Resolutions, we’re always meeting parents of autistic children that are looking for the best quality of life for their child. We understand that the road is difficult and paved with many challenges, but it is our mission to help parents and educators better understand their children and connect with them in many different ways. As a provider of autism therapy in Los Angeles, we can come to your school or organizational meeting and talk more about how these connections can be made.

Perhaps, as a parent, you’ve noticed a certain trigger that instigates a harmful or negative behavior in your child. During our presentation, we’ll help you understand these triggers and what you can do to communicate with your child when they’re withdrawn or unresponsive. If you’re a daycare provider, caring for an autistic child can be challenging, especially in the context of a group of children where interaction and socialization is common. We can design an individual behavioral modification plan that both you and the child’s parents can go over and decide the best course of action for integrating the child into the classroom or group setting.

To learn more about our presentation services and other courses involving autism therapy in Los Angeles, please contact us online or call 855-827-6318. A Building Blocks representative will gather your information and help you find the best date for your presentation, as well as providing resources to help you plan the best course of action for your child. Each child and family we work with is special, and we’ll treat each situation with respect and integrity.


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ABA Programs and Analysis Areas of Expertise

We specialize in autism analysis and behavior development.

ABA, Behavioral Therapy involves anything that can be seen and heard. Therefore all behaviors have achievable and noticeable goals, which are measured and constantly re-measured throughout time to focus on our progress as well as whether the goals are being reached.

The great and unique thing about ABA therapy is that the plans are individualized to fit your child's needs. Since Autism is a spectrum, that means no two cases are exactly alike. Therefore the best treatment for autism would be customized to fit your child and your family's needs after an assessment is made.

Staff need to be competent by being trained by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst on behavior analytic procedures as well as intervention strategies. Courses are available on various topics and custom fit for your organization or situation for effective ABA autism therapy. Help your staff find out what is autism and how to best treat autism.