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The fact that autism takes place in 1 of every 50 births these days is truly disturbing. This level of consistent occurrences within our population has only become worse and worse as time marches on. This is why we employ the attainment of our autism therapy in Los Angeles. Our experts on are fully versed and educated in ways that you will most likely not find anywhere else. If you have a child or know someone that has a child with this painstaking problem, we want you and them to know that we are at the forefront of this worldwide phenomenon and we plan on doing everything within our power to treat it with the concern it demands.

Here are some of the signs that your child or someone’s child you know may have autism:

The baby doesn’t babble or sputter sounds by the time they reach 12 months
The back-and-forth gestures that take place by babies under 12 months are not happening, which could mean reaching, pointing, fumbling or showing
The baby will speak little to no words at all by the age of 16 months, which is a tell-all sign that they either have it or need to be examined for something else
They’ll be zero back-and-forth sharing of sounds between you and the baby by the age of 9 months
They’ll be zero facial expressions, hand gestures or smiles by the age of 9 months
You won’t see any smiles or joyful expressions by the age of 6 months or after

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ABA Programs and Analysis Areas of Expertise

We specialize in autism analysis and behavior development.

ABA, Behavioral Therapy involves anything that can be seen and heard. Therefore all behaviors have achievable and noticeable goals, which are measured and constantly re-measured throughout time to focus on our progress as well as whether the goals are being reached.

The great and unique thing about ABA therapy is that the plans are individualized to fit your child's needs. Since Autism is a spectrum, that means no two cases are exactly alike. Therefore the best treatment for autism would be customized to fit your child and your family's needs after an assessment is made.

Staff need to be competent by being trained by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst on behavior analytic procedures as well as intervention strategies. Courses are available on various topics and custom fit for your organization or situation for effective ABA autism therapy. Help your staff find out what is autism and how to best treat autism.