1. Introducing Incidental Teaching to ABA Therapy

    Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy is a fun activity that teaches your child how to engage in the world, learn basic and complex language, skills and behavior.  There are many types of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), the Lovaas Method is one type and we have discussed Discrete Trial Training (DTT) that the Lovaas method uses. But another type of play for your child during ABA is called Incidental teaching. Incidental teaching is when an environment is created for the child that motivates them to learn about the world around them. This means putting objects out of reach but still in…Read More

  2. Compassionate and Considerate Autism Treatment in Los Angeles

    Every child is precious and at Building Blocks Resolutions, we bring that belief into every situation that we encounter. Every child is also unique, and if you've been searching for autism treatment in Los Angeles, we would love to meet both you and your child and learn how we can help them experience and achieve the most in life. It's not our goal to simply provide a few methods that you can employ here and there with your child - we want to help you design a full plan that you can implement every single day in your household or school environment. By using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), w…Read More