Applied Behavioral Analyses therapy (ABA) is a fantastic therapy for Autistic children, to help them keep up with peers, learn life skills and develop into happier adults.

Here are ten remarkable facts you might not know about ABA.

  1. ABA continues to be researched and practiced, for more than 35 years. The original name of the therapy was Behavioral Modification, which goes back even further to the early 1900’s.
  2. ABA therapy is supported by the Association for Science in Autism Research, the Surgeon General and the National Institute of Health.
  3. This therapy can be performed at any age, but works best on younger children.
  4. It works anywhere, from school to home and work life. Fostering generalization across all areas of life ensures your Autistic child can live life to the fullest anywhere.
  5. 90% of Autistic individuals who underwent ABA, at 40 hours a week, substantially improved. (Lovaas, 1987, study of intensive behavioral treatment)
  6. 45% of therapies develop long-lasting and observable results – according to the Surgeon General Autism treatment report. ABA is one of these.
  7. ABA is not all table work; a child learns in the real world too!
  8. Corporate punishment is not a part of this therapy.
  9. ABA is used to quit smoking, help personality disorders, air those with OCD and counsel relationships. It is also used in the workplace, and with athletes.
  10. No two ABA programs are the same. By its, nature ABA is tailored towards the child so that every ABA therapy will look different.
  11. Since ABA is personalized, it is also a data driven therapy. Lots of information and facts are written down and recorded about your child to help them progress.
  12. Bribes are not used during ABA, re-enforcements are. This means a child is not told they will get something if they do something; the positive behavior is praised after the child has performed the needed action or behavior.