Building Block Resolutions employs a variety of highly trained and enthusiastic administrative and clinical staff ready to work with your child! Our emphasis is on finding the best fit between your child and his or her Behavioral Team.

Dr. Jennifer Charles graduated from Florida State University in 2004 with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and minor in business management. While studying at FSU under the direction of Dr. Jon Bailey, she earned a Certification of Performance Management where she was instrumental in designing staff productivity plan which helped local businesses. Jennifer became a BCaBA and working closely with pre-schools and daycares helping improve their behavioral management programs while attending Florida Institute of Technology.

At FIT Jennifer studied under the direction of Dr. Jose Martinez-Diaz, and earned her Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis with specialized coursework in Organizational Behavior Management. Jennifer then became a BCBA in 2006 and began teaching at the University of South Florida behavioral management classes to parents within the Behavior Analysis Services Program helping foster children and parents. Jennifer sat on the committee in West Palm Beach, FL helping members to decide on parental readiness for integration with their foster and biological children. Jennifer then found a passion for working with children diagnosed with Autism. Later on, she went on to earn her Doctorate degree from University of the Rockies where her research involved Millennial employees work and social media habits.

In 2008 she founded Building Block Resolutions, Inc. which is now located in Los Angeles. Dr. Jennifer Charles also taught the BCBA coursework at National University while working full time in private practice. Dr. Charles believes in a collaborative approach with parents to help find every day solutions for parents, while still adhering to scientific rigor. All her years of teaching has helped with the ability to break down complex concepts into simplified views. This helps parents better conceptualize and apply ABA in their own homes with strategies that work for them.

Nardito Angeles (NJ) graduated from California State University Fullerton in 2013 with a Bachelor’s in Health Science. On November 17th, 2014, Nardito Angeles accepted a part time Behavioral Therapist position with Building Block Resolutions (BBR). He worked his way up to passing his Competency Assessment and obtained his Registered Behavioral Tech Certification. He was later promoted to a Lead therapist where his roles were to support entry level therapist. Mr. Angeles was also the first to pioneer Building Block Resolutions BCaBA program. With the support of BBR, NJ acquired his BCABA certification.
Now, NJ is one of BBR’s Clinical Supervisors with 10 cases which he oversees and a team of more than 10 employees whom he trains and supports. Nardito Angeles is also Building Block Resolutions exclusive trainer for Professional Crisis Management (PCM), Professional Assault Crisis Training (ProACT), and the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT®).


Talvin Brown graduated from California State University, Los Angeles in 2012 with a Bachelors in Psychology. In May 2013 Talvin accepted a full-time position as a Behavior Interventionist providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services across multiple environments, namely therapy centers, summer camps, schools, homes, and community for several years in Los Angeles and surrounding cities. To expand on his knowledge base in the field of ABA as a clinician and to support more families at a larger capacity Talvin enrolled at National University where he obtained his Masters of Science Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis in the year 2017 with the goal of becoming a program manager for ABA therapy services. Upon graduating in 2017, Talvin accepted a position as a program manager and became fully immersed in training behavior technicians about the science of ABA, parent consultation, behavior management, and creating goals that foster participant success. To continue a pursuit of improving his skill set as an ABA clinician, Talvin achieved his Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification in 2019 and Organization Behavior Management (OBM) certification in 2020, respectively. Currently, Talvin is a Clinical Supervisor at Building Block Resolutions where he is passionate about servicing  families with quality services that seek to improve quality of life for participants and create long-term everlasting change.

Building Block Resolutions has experienced Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) Boach Certified associate Behavior Analysts (BCaBA) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT) who travel to the homes, schools, or and other natural environments. Our mission is to help families design and implement effective ABA programs.

We enjoy getting in the natural environment and finding out which method would be most effective and seeing noticeable changes. Most parents report seeing noticeable changes within the first few months.

Utilizing an interactive approach, we create a safe environment to learn with the child with autism and caregivers necessary for the development of goals, healthy boundaries, and empowerment of the client for change. Directly building on strengths and modeling new behavior offers the child with autism the opportunity to achieve milestones leading to increased self-esteem and more satisfying relationships. We believe understanding your child with autism’s challenges and roadblocks open the door to new attitudes as well as interest in changing behaviors.

ABA Behavioral therapy can be the greatest investment you make in your child’s life.
ABA teaches skills essential for your child’s success such as social skills, academic skills, reasoning skills, and many more. With ABA virtually any skill can be taught!

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