Building Block Resolutions is a rapidly growing ABA company that provides innovative individualized approaches to assist children and adolescents diagnosed with autism. BBR is currently recruiting individuals who have a passion for human service and working one on one with children. We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated individuals who are ready to grow in their careers, and also ready to impact a child's overall quality of life. You must be patient, motivated to learn, have a collaborative attitude, and spectacular customer service. This position is to take place in the child’s natural environment such as a home or school setting but is not limited to these, since there are occasional outings to a community park or other sites. Please send resumes to

Join our Clinical Team!

Job responsibilities:

  • It is essential for The Clinical Supervisor to motivate and provide support to the clinical team and maintain BBR’s low turnover rate

  • Coordinate with the Clinical Team weekly

  • Facilitate weekly team meetings

  • Manage difficult clients and personnel issues.

  • Take on a caseload of 10-15 cases and must be in good standing with all cases.

  • Review, sign, and conduct the final step of all new client assessments (FBA’s)

  • Attend networking events and encourage others to do the same.

  • Perform monthly support and performance reviews of all Clinical Team.

  • Evaluate, monitor programs, and provide oversight to the Clinical Team to ensure plans and strategies are implemented effectively and ethically.

  • Ensure staff strictly adhere to HIPAA rules and regulations.



  • Serve as the primary interventionist in the education/treatment of children with autism.

  • Implement treatment plans to support the acquisition of social, communication, academic, and daily living skills.

  • Assist with assessment and implementation of behavior management plans; record and help analyze data on a daily basis.

  • Participate in group and individualized training meetings on a regular basis.

  • Work in the family's private residence and community (sometimes in the child's school) helping support, life skills, play, community outings, independence skills, and sibling interactions.

  • Collaborate with the team, transport to therapies, support the child in social play, language development, and daily living skills