Sometimes Autism isn’t the only diagnoses that a child on the spectrum is diagnosed with. A child who has autism may also be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Anxiety, Depression and more. There is a 30% chance your child may also have a specific phobia, and a significant number have intellectual disabilities. Autism isn’t as straightforward as some may believe which is why it’s difficult to tackle it with most conventional therapies.

Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy (ABA) is amazing because it isn’t designed to tackle autism by itself. It is a therapy used in all areas of life, from career to sports, to businesses and other disorders. When you put your child into an ABA programme, you’re not only providing help with life skills they lack (due to the way their brain functions), but also skills to help with a variety of issues and other disorders.

If you’re concerned your child may have issues outside of autism, such as ADHD, you can ask your DR to refer your child for further testing. Here are some symptoms and behaviors:

ADHD: Aggression, excitable, fidgeting, hyper, impulsive, irritable, no restraint, repetitive words and behaviors, absent-minded, no focus, forgetful, short attention, angry, anxious, bored, excited, mood-swings.

ODD: Aggressive, antisocial, impulsive, irritable, screams, self-injures, vindictive, argumentative, angry, anxious, depressed, lack of attention.

Anxiety: Tired, restless, sweating, hyperventilates, irritated, racing thoughts, intrusive thoughts, excessive worry, fear, feelings of impending doom, nausea, trembling.

Depression: Apathy, discontent, guilt, hopelessness, not interested in anything, seems bored, mood-swings, tired, insomnia, agitated, cries a lot, no appetite or extreme appetite, slow movements, suicidal thoughts, no concentration, weight gain or loss, repeats thoughts, obsessive thinking.