Applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy is a great therapy for young Autistic children, and what most people associate the therapy with. But if you have an older child or teenager, they too can benefit from ABA. ABA isn’t only an early intervention therapy, it teaches children how to learn and change behaviors and can be started at any age.

In fact, ABA isn’t just for Autistic children; it is simply famous for helping Autistic children. But ABA is also used in business, sports and education to name a few. For example, ABA can be applied using antecedents and consequences to help somebody achieve more in their area of sports, be it track, baseball or anything you could think of.

ABA also doesn’t only help with negative behaviors in children and teenagers; if you want your teenager or older child to have more freedom it can provide it. For example, if your child is unable to turn the channel to their favorite television show, it can teach them how to do this. For the higher functioning children, it can help with their organization skills. Using visual charts is a part of ABA and implementing these to set schedules so your child can remember to complete homework on time is just one example of many. It can improve the quality of life so you can have a happier child.

ABA helps older children to function in a more positive way, to learn at a rate that their peers are learning, to be happier in life and achieve the needs that they crave. It is excellent for children and teenagers of all ages, even adults and it is never too late to start your child in an ABA program.