Are you known to the fact that 1 in 68 children are now affected by Autism spectrum disorder? Yes, the awareness about ASD and its treatments are still unknown by many. Therefore, it is essential to get a bit aware of the ABA treatment for autism.

ABA refers to  Applied Behavioral Analysis and is a vastly used treatment for children born with autism. The focus of this treatment is to teach desired behaviors via some system of rewards. It helps to enhance social skills, learning skills, and communication with positive reinforcement.

Furthermore, this therapy has proved successful in a number of cases. Studies of intensive behavioral treatment also indicated that 90% of kids going through this therapy around 40 hours a week considerably improved.

What Are The Merits Of ABA Therapy?

·       Improves Cognitive and Adaptive Skills

ABA therapy has a significant impact on brain development. Moreover, the sooner the treatment starts, the better will be the response. It is highly helpful in enhancing the success in schools as well as for whole life. Also, the kids who undergo ABA before the age of five retain better cognitive skills.

·       Teaches Communication

If you compare any other therapy with ABA, you will learn that it is way more effective in improving self-care skills andsocial skills by focusing on communication.

·       Hones Memory and IQ

The academic performance of a kid can also be honed with ABA therapy. It efficiently emphasizes IQ and memory, which eventually leads to better non-verbal communication.

·       Decreases Wrong Behaviors

ABA substantially reduces the problematic behaviors in kids, which can lead to wandering and self-harm.