As a parent new to the diagnoses of Autism or with little knowledge of Applied Behavioral Analyses (ABA) therapy, the whole process of researching the therapy and life your child could face is overwhelming. But reading about the nuts and bolts of the therapy and what kids with autism go through, in clinical dry ways, only gives us so much information.

Researching the step by steps, understanding the language, and talking to a therapist about your concerns are all legitimate ways to discover what you’re getting into—but it can’t prepare you for how it feels or even looks like living it.

There is however a book When Everybody Cares: Case Studies of ABA with People with Autism by Bobby Newman which is a first-person account of ABA. It can show you in a very real way how this therapy affects a child’s life and what issues arise with someone on the spectrum.

The book When Everybody Cares: Case Studies of ABA with People with Autism gives a unique insight into the life of a behavioral analysis and the solutions they develop for common problems. The great thing about this book is you aren’t just reading step by step, you’re reading the struggles and insights and even the raw emotions that come along with working through difficult behavioral issues: such as a child refusing to eat or learning how to follow instructions.

Like a diary, this book doesn’t tell you what ABA will be like, it shows you like a story, a biography of sorts. ABA is a beautiful journey for everyone involved, so it’s little wonder such a beautiful book has been written because of it. If you want to really see what ABA looks like, or even feels like, then give this book a try.