1. Will A Child Only Respond To The Way It’s Taught?

    There is a question that is often asked about Applied Behavioral Analyses (ABA) and it is ‘will my child become a robot?’ When a parent see’s a child taught the same thing over and over it’s a natural conclusion. “My child only responds this way because he is told to.” Truly, we are all taught how to react to certain situations by our experiences – in fact, it is a perfectly human thing to do. We say please and thank you because our parents kindly taught us manners and reminded us again and again to use them. We are scared of clowns because we learned they were menacing through e…Read More

  2. What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

    Choosing the right therapy for your child can be a daunting task -- this we understand. Many questions race through a parents mind; will this really help my child? What if this doesn’t work? Therapists know it’s important to work with a flexible therapy because every child with Autism is different. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is one of the many therapies, but one that can work well for your child as it is created with them not for them. ABA will help in the following ways; Helps your child to increase mastery in tasks and social interactions. ABA can teach new skills to your little one…Read More