1. Positive Approaches for Children with Autism

    As a parent of autistic children we know how frustrating it can be when your child is unable to participate. It’s difficult to understand why your child won’t respond to simple instructions or phrases; especially when it benefits them. But it’s a good thing to remember, an autistic child doesn’t experience the same re-enforcement factors that a ‘neurologically normal’ child would. When a ‘normal child’ responds to the instruction “do you want to play?” they receive plenty of praise, play and are excited by this. The autistic child struggles to say yes, leading to no playtim…Read More

  2. Schedule a Presentation on Autism Therapy in Los Angeles

    At Building Block Resolutions, we're always meeting parents of autistic children that are looking for the best quality of life for their child. We understand that the road is difficult and paved with many challenges, but it is our mission to help parents and educators better understand their children and connect with them in many different ways. As a provider of autism therapy in Los Angeles, we can come to your school or organizational meeting and talk more about how these connections can be made. Perhaps, as a parent, you've noticed a certain trigger that instigates a harmful or negative beh…Read More

  3. Understanding and Guidance for Your Child

    Parents of an autistic child often have many questions regarding the education and development of their little one. In the past, it could be hard to find useful resources and guidance in this area. Building Blocks Resolutions is dedicated to providing parents with understanding and guiding the child through behavior analytic programs. As a provider of autism therapy in Los Angeles, we want to see your child thrive and grow in a positive and encouraging environment. Children react to their environment, both physical and social, and for children with autism, those reactions can be both more acut…Read More

  4. Signs of Autism – Autism Therapy in Los Angeles

    The fact that autism takes place in 1 of every 50 births these days is truly disturbing. This level of consistent occurrences within our population has only become worse and worse as time marches on. This is why we employ the attainment of our autism therapy in Los Angeles. Our experts on are fully versed and educated in ways that you will most likely not find anywhere else. If you have a child or know someone that has a child with this painstaking problem, we want you and them to know that we are at the forefront of this worldwide phenomenon and we plan on doing everything within our power to…Read More